Along with written research, throughout my academic career I have sought to produce and collaborate with others on podcasts and other multimedia projects.


I am an editor for Mergers & Acquisitions, a podcast by the Society for Economic Anthropology. In Q1 2021, I curated a series of podcast episodes on the contribution of economic anthropology to our understanding of climate change.


For the American Anthropological Association’s Raising Our Voices program myself and Dr Chelsie Yount-André organized a two part podcast on the moral turn in finance as members of the Impact Hau Project.

Whose Money? Whose Morals? Part 2

Whose Money? Whose Morals? Part 1

I was interviewed on green sukuk by Dr Huma Gupta and Professor Bassam Haddad for the Jadaliyya podcast The Environment in Context.

Green Sukuk: The Future of Islamic Financing for Climate Change


Seeing Finance in 360

In collaboration with filmmaker and art critic Katherine Waters and Olivia Seddon-Daines, Fellow at the Finance Innovation Lab, we created a multimedia project on Level39, a finance fintech space in Canary Wharf, London. We wanted to capture the banality of the work experience of these professionals who are supposedly transforming the world on a global scale through their finance work. To do this, we setup 360 cameras throughout the office complex.

Brandeis University Spring 2018 Deis Impact event

Description: The global financial industry increasingly determines what is built and who gets what in society. However, humanity at large has little knowledge of how this industry operates. This lack of transparency and oversight is a serious social justice concern, most salient in the large-scale foreclosures of the 2008 financial crisis. In this forum you will experience what a financial technology innovation hub looks like via film captured on a 360-degree camera, we will discuss the lived experience of the financial industry and how we can transform finance to function better for society and the planet.

I cofounded This Anthro Life with Adam Gamwell and Ryan Collins in 2013, and was a host from 2013 to 2017. Below are a selection of This Anthro Life episodes that highlight my research.


The Surprising Connections between Climate Finance, Sacrifice and the Spirit of Capitalism with Adam Gamwell


Making Sense of Finance: Boundaries Institutions and Power with Caitlin Zaloom